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When planning an outing into the back country such as a hike or skiing trip, an essential step is notifying a trust friend or family member about the details of the trip, such as where you will be going, and how long you expect to be gone for, and any stops you make along the way!

HikeNote is a free service that allows users to create and update trips along with designating a trusted individual as their trip contact. If the user fails to check in with HikeNote before their trip expires, HikeNote will send an email to the contact notifying them that the user has failed to check in and shares any details the user has added to the trip.

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Note that while HikeNote should be fully functional, it does not replace direct communication between yourself and a trusted individual and is available for demonstration purposes. If you have any comments or critiques I'd be happy to hear it! Please contact me through my personal site.